Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning includes detailed analysis of the seven key pieces of personal wealth. We evaluate and assess the intricate connections between pieces in order to align objectives and resources. This all-encompassing approach enables the creation of a single, thoughtfully integrated, organized strategy for achieving goals.

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Financial Position: Review of assets/liabilities and cash flow. Determine appropriate level of cash reserves, asset diversification, and efficient debt management.

Risk Management: Evaluate insurance risks, needs, and coverage in the areas of life, disability, and long-term care.

Investments & Education: Review current investment program and recommend strategies to help clients reach long-term goals and manage risk.

Taxes: Review current tax returns and identify opportunities to improve tax management and after-tax investment return.

Retirement: Review retirement plan needs and develop a strategy to assist in reaching goals. Includes a review of employer benefit plans, tax deferred savings programs, and social security strategies.

Estate Planning: Discussion of strategies to minimize probate cost, estate taxes, and provide for the timely transfer of assets to beneficiaries.

Beneficiary Directory®: Implement a system to help our clients identify and organize important documents that may be needed in the future. One call to K&A allows us to provide needed help and guidance in the event of a disability, death, or long-term care need.