Beneficiary Directory®

Our Firm has implemented the principles outlined in Mark H. Kaizerman's book

Beneficiary Directory®

For helping our clients organize important documents and guide their beneficiaries. We believe that the Beneficiary Directory® is a critical element to any estate and financial plan, allowing you to answer four keys questions:

What documents do I need?
How will my beneficiaries find these documents?
Who should have access to these documents, and when?
Who will best advise my beneficiaries?

The greatest compliment our clients can give to us, is an introduction to a friend or family member. As our way of introducing our services, Kaizerman & Associates will mail your recommendations a copy of the Beneficiary Directory®, on your behalf. We will then follow up with a call, offering a complimentary consultation to see if we may be of further service. Just give us a call with their name and address!

Beneficiary Directory® is dedicated to
Mark's dad, A. Manuel Kaizerman (1924-2004)

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